Parents and Friends Association

The P&F group is made up of parents from YSS.

Our mission is to bring all members of the school community together into a strong social and fundraising body that nurtures both individual families and our school as a whole.
The P&F works within the schools ethos and vision - “Our highest Endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.” Rudolf Steiner
The Committee roles are:
  • President – Meets regularly with the P& F Committee and Liaise with Parents, College of Teachers, Council and Staff. They make executive decisions where necessary and writes a monthly report to Council.
  • Events Liaison Officer – Provides a single focal point for progress updates in regard to events / activities, which the ‘Helping Hands’ report to throughout the year.
  • Secretary – Records all minutes of meetings, action lists and other documentation, distributing these where necessary and ensures notices are placed in the newsletter.
  • Treasurer – Responsible for all financial records of the P&F.
As a way of structuring the many activities the P & F are involved in, they are itemized and written on a colourful paper hand. At the Social information evening and then later in the office, the paper hands are displayed and parents select the activity they choose to be involved in by selecting the appropriate ‘hand’.  These hands are called ‘Helping Hands’ and together these ‘Helping Hands’ form the yearly cycle of activities that involve the P & F.  They are numerous and include festivals, Spring Fair, Curry Nights, Bush Dances, Auction Nights, Sausage Sizzles, Bulbs, Harvest Table, Pancake Day, preparing ice creams and soups and our wonderful shop, ‘Gnome Hollows’. With all parents involved in a specific activity the P&F committee supports each parent in their chosen task.
Funds raised support the teachers and the school in providing additional extracurricular activities and/or items such as circus mats, puppets, manual art tool kits, science and mathematical instruments, music stands and singing lessons. The P&F are currently working towards the purchase of a piano.
Being an active participant within the P&F contributes to the children’s educational wellbeing and strengthens community.
The P&F invite all parents to participate in the ‘Helping Hands’ activities to help support our school provide an enriched environment to nurture the child and allow them to grow into their own true person.
The Parents and Friends Committee is made up of
Chair Corrie Cockayne
Vice Chair/Parent Library Co-ordinator Alice Leavy
Treasurer TBC
Secretary Ciaran McCabe
Class Rep Coordinator Veronica Lepidi
PPS Co-ordinator Lisa Archer
Parent Rep Liaison Veronica Lepidi
Kitchen /Ice Cream/Soup Coordinator Rikki McCabe
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Information For Parents

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