Singing is the centre of music and forms a central element of a Steiner education. From the first day of Playgroup to the closing ceremony of graduation, singing forms a basis of inner peace and community strength and is integral in learning, communicating and celebrating.  All Class Teachers sing with their students.
In Class 1 as children develop greater awareness beyond themselves and their voices, the recorder is introduced.  It is an extension of the breath and of singing but also as an external instrument.
Currently Class 1/2 and 3 will be taught recorder by their Class Teacher and Class 4 and older will be taught recorder by their Class Teacher and Adrian May. 
Through the initiative of Claire Rewa, all children from Class 3 on are being taught the Ukulele. The school has two class sets of instruments. It is wonderful to hear them sing and play together.
From the recorder and the Ukulele the children are able to successfully graduate readily to other instruments.

We hope to be able to perform within our community and beyond, representing the school in the best possible light and bringing joy to the performers and the audience alike.




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