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YSS Newsletter 2017 Term 2 Week 3 1605

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:03
Dearest Yallingup Steiner Community and especially our Mums this week, I hope you all had a beautiful celebration of being a Mother last Sunday and got to treasure the time spent with your children and grandchildren or the special messages received from afar. We are crossing our fingers that this week reading our newsletter will be a straightforward matter and hope you will not be put off by the difficulties we have been experiencing over the past months.  Please believe me it is worth it when you get there! This week we have some information about the upcoming primary school walking program and the information session pertaining to this; there are some photos about the Gautama's birthday celebration and many other of the many activities and work that has been happening around the School. In the spirit of the giving community we are you may like to consider helping out a family…
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, Our newsletter this week features some events of the week past such as the AGM and Pizza night and the first Doll making workshop and also provides you with some information regarding things happening in the week to come such as Gautama's birthday celebration, the kindergarten get-together and the P&F meeting. If you have any difficulty opening the newsletter please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Our apologies to those who did experience difficulties last week.  Unfortunately we are continuing to experience 'glitches' with our new website distribution of the newsletter.  These are not operator errors from the staff of Yallingup Steiner so please be kind to us and don't let it put you off reading the newsletter. I wish you all a happy and calm week. Warm wishes,   Kerrie Naughton Registrar

Newsletter 2017 Term 2 Week 1 02.05.17

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 12:01
Dearest Yallingup Steiner Community, Welcome back to the second term for 2017.  I hope you enjoyed the three week break even though it is not usual for this time of year.  The Staff did attend a very successful Professional Development week at Perth Waldorf last week and hopefully we will be able to give you some more detail concerning this in our next issue. Our apologies if you received the same newsletter (Issue number 10) a number of times.  As regular readers will be aware we have a new website this year with the newsletter being sent through this and are continuing to experience new hitches/glitches.  This aspect is not actually handled by the School staff and we can only request your patience and forebearance.  Hopefully it will not happen again. Please have a read and note the upcoming dates/happenings for this Term. In particular I would liike to draw…
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, The last week of term is a super busy one and we have so much happening with a Viking feast today, Egyptian performances tomorrow, Harvest Table today and tomorrow, Washing of the Feet on Thursday and even a talk on Rock Fishing safety for the older students on Friday. Please have a read of the newsletter and note; not only the Easter activities and celebrations but the upcoming events especially the Council AGM and Pizza night coming up in the first week back at school.  Please also note the appropriate date for your child to return as it is a three week break which is not usual for this time of year. Well done on the getting through the action packed term everyone.  Have a lovely Easter and a special and joyous family holiday. Warm wishes,   Kerrie Naughton Registrar
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, Our newsletter this week is a reflection of happy times and hard work. There are some lovely photos of the Autumn Sundowner last week and a few more on the Yallingup Steiner School Alumni page. Coming up we have the K4 Harvest table and Washing of the Feet next week. There are also a few new dates and items of interest in the newsletter. Don't forget the Bulb fundraiser due next week and also the School Satisfaction survey. Have a lovely Autumn week everyone, let's try taking things a bit slowly. Warm wishes,   Kerrie Naughton Registrar  
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, It is a lovely newsletter to look at this week with some spectacular photos of the Michaelmas festival courage jump. So very special.  Also have an admire of the photos of the Class 4/5/6 camp. Don't forget the autumn sundowner this Friday.  It promises to be a really lovely evening.  More information enclosed. Coming up are a number of playgroup open days which are offered at no cost to the participants.  Please feel free to share this information. The K4 Harvest table is also happening soon and a number of other fundraisers for both the P&F and individual classes. Have a very happy week and a lovely Sundowner.  Warm wishes, Kerrie Naughton Registrar

YSS Newsletter 2017 Term 1 Week 7

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 23:04
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, Our newsletter this week reflects the full cycle of life. We farewell a past student with great sadness and heavy hearts and we welcome babies for two of our new families. In all these cases we hope the families involved feel enveloped in the love of this very special community and comfortable to reach out and ask for help should they need it. The in between parts of life are covered with information about the day-to-day happenings, the Michaelmas celebration, playgroup open days and various community events. I hope you have a safe and reflective week. Warm wishes, Kerrie Naughton Registrar

YSS Newsletter 2017 Term 1 Week 6

Tuesday, 07 March 2017 14:08
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, There has been much joy and hilarity here today with the celebration of Shrove Tuesday, traditionally a day of excess and using of supplies ahead of the abstinence of the Lenten period. The students loved the pancake races and the pancakes themselves. Thank you to Adrian for leading the festival once again. Our newsletter this week has the usual stories of what is happening around the classrooms and the School. There are some new dates in there including the Autumn sundowner which sounds as though it will be a wonderful evening. Enjoy your reading and your week. Warm wishes, Kerrie Naughton Registrar

YSS Newsletter 2017 Term 1 Week 5

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 07:31
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community, </> Please find attached all the colour and joy and excitement that is a Yallingup Steiner School newsletter. You will note a few new dates for your calendars and some extra reading opportunities with a couple of articles that may be pertinent. Have a lovely week everyone and enjoy your long weekend. Warm wishes, Kerrie Naughton Registrar

YSS Newsletter 2017 Term 1 Week 4

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 15:34
Dear Parents and Readers, There has been a plethora of activity and planning here over the past week. Thank you so much to the many, many parents who have been involved in any way. Do have a read of the newsletter to keep all up to date with the issues currently affecting the School and your children. Warm wishes, Kerrie Naughton
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