Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education Regional Meeting 2016

Wednesday, 11 May 2016 04:03 Written by 

Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education Regional Meeting 2016 was held this year in Perth at the Perth Waldorf School. It is nice to know that the PWS always welcomes us to use their rooms and often the staff of Early Childhood helps to run the occasion smoothly.

This year we had the pleasure to be able to join the Sophia College Early Childhood training for a talk with Dr. Lakshmi. She has worked a lot with our most fragile fetuses born before their time. So we learned all about what happens right from day one of conception with the very much loved input of Anthroposophy. After the talk we sat down and tried our creative forces on some clay to show the placenta and the fetus at is at its very beginning.

After this exciting day the Early Childhood people working in the field joined together for some sharing, what happens in Denmark, in Yallingup, in West Cost Steiner School and in its very first steps, what hopefully will be our very new growing School in Midland.

On the second day we started with some lyre play as we did on the first day. Titus was helping us to understand why it is so important to have the lyre and not the recorder for the first years at school. The children in the first couple of years of primary are still establishing their rhythm in breathing and therefore find it difficult to cope with the recorder. Titus has done almost 4 cycles as a classroom teacher, some in Holland and 2 at PWS. He played the lyre with his class right up to the end of year 8 in playing more than one voice or cannons.

After that we had another talk by Titus concentrating on the years 0 – 7. Here we learned how the “I”, the etheric body and the astral body develop in a child. We looked also at the thinking, willing and feeling.

To complete our short meeting we had a session with Kristina (the Eurythmy teacher from PWS). She brought a verse, which we can work with as colleges and a little story for the children to create more harmony in all of us. The children in my room have practiced this last week and they love it.

Report written by

Ute ten Hompel
(I’m the Representative of WA for the “Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education).

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