YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 2 Week 4

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 14:04
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community Please take some time to have a thorough read of the newsletter this week as we have some exciting news regarding how the school will communicate to parents in the future. It would be very much appreciated if you could put some energy into the School Tour which is our next event which is coming up in two weeks’ time.  We have a few people registered for the tour but feel free to spread the word and pop up some flyers.  I hope you are getting to enjoy the glorious autumn weather we are having. Warm Wishes Jane WattsAdmin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 2 Week 3

Tuesday, 15 May 2018 14:33
Dearest Yallingup Steiner Community and especially our Mums this week,I hope all the mothers had a beautiful celebration last Sunday and you got to treasure some family time with your children, grandchildren, grandparents or perhaps you received special messages from afar.This week’s newsletter is a colourful one with photos from your children’s last school week in and around the school.Wishing you a happy and healthy week. Warm wishes,Jane WattsAdmin Assistant

Yss Newsletter 2018 Term 2 Week 2

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 14:12
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,This week our newsletter features news of the School Council AGM along with new enrolments been taken for 2019 and some exciting news from an Alumni student.You may also like to note of Adrian's parent education entitled Anthroposophy and Movement which is coming up this term.Have a lovely week everyone, stay warm and healthy.Warmest wishesJane WattsAdmin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 2 Week 1

Tuesday, 01 May 2018 14:59
Dearest Yallingup Steiner Community,Welcome back to the second term for 2018.  I hope you enjoyed the well-deserved break after the previous long 11 week term.Please have a read and note the upcoming dates/happenings for this Term. In particular I would like to draw your attention to the great work that has been done to and around the grandfather tree this is indeed a work of art in the making. Please take note of some upcoming teacher parent meetings and the soup day roster. There is some updates from the P&F also along with the date for the School AGM.Have a lovely week.  I hope you are getting to enjoy some of the crisp, still sunrises we are currently experiencing.  They are truly beautiful.Warm wishes, Jane WattsAdmin Assistant.

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 1 Wk 11

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 15:22
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,Well it’s the last week of a long term and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the break. We have the Harvest Table today and tomorrow and there is some scrumptious looking preserves so you better get in early to secure yourselves some. There is news from the P&F who have been busily organising their upcoming Autumn Raffle as well as an invitation to complete the Steiner Education Australia 2018 Survey. Well done on the getting through the action packed term everyone.  Have a lovely joyous family break. Warm wishes,Jane Watts Admin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 1 Week 10

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 14:17
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,Welcome back after a dazzling sunny Easter long weekend. Please have a read of the newsletter and enjoy the colourful photos from the children’s Easter activities and Washing of the Feet celebration.   There are a couple of P&F fundraisers coming up as well as the K4 Autumn Table next week.Have a lovely week. Warm wishesJane WattsAdmin Assistant.

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 1 Week 9

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 14:50
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,It is a lovely newsletter to look at this week with some spectacular photos of the Michaelmas festival courage jump. So very special. There is some information regarding the Washing of the Feet this coming Thursday and a number of fundraisers for the P&F happening.Please take note that this coming weekend is a holiday with Good Friday and Easter Monday being holidays and we will return to school on Tuesday. Have a lovely Easter and a special and joyous family holiday. Warm wishes,Jane WattsAdmin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term1 Week 8

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 14:25
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,We officially welcome in Autumn with the Autumn Equinox tomorrow which goes hand in hand with our Michaelmas Festival. We also have news concerning the Washing of the Feet & the K4 Harvest Table, P&F also has news of the upcoming Craft Retreat as well as the Donnelly River Family Camp.Have a lovely Autumn week everyone.Warm wishes,Jane WattsAdmin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 1 Week 7

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 13:58
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,It is a lovely colourful newsletter to look at this week with some outstanding photos of Easter craft the children have been doing with Annie. There is news & photos from the successful Autumn Sundowner last Friday it turned out to be a really lovely evening.  The K4 Harvest table is also happening soon. Have a very happy week. Warm wishes,Jane WattsAdmin Assistant

YSS Newsletter 2018 Term 1 Week 6

Tuesday, 06 March 2018 14:42
Dear Yallingup Steiner Community,I do hope you all got to have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend and are now refreshed and ready for the 2nd half of the term. Our newsletter this week has the usual stories of what is happening around the classrooms and the School. There is some extra information regarding the P&F Autumn sundowner which sounds as though it will be a wonderful evening.Enjoy your reading and your week.Warm wishes,Jane Watts
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