Issue 12 Week 5 Term 3 18th August 2021

Musings from Jean-Michel

In case you’ve missed it (I nearly did!), our new website is live – – though, as to be expected, with various ‘in progress’ areas with updates that still need to be made.  One the website’s important function is for the Newsletter, which will be able to be distributed directly to your devices (without it being in pdf form, so easier to read!).  So please do use the subscribe button thereon, as we also ask for your forbearance as we iron-out teething problems as they become apparent. Thank you to those involved in its development!

Also, a thank you to those who were able to participate in the Anthroposophical Study on Monday evening.  I must admit that despite the years of striving, presenting aspects of Steiner’s important works is always a (joyful) challenge. The book is available from and as a pdf from If you wish to participate, having missed the first evening (4 more Monday evenings left, 6:30-7:30), you are welcome.

The welcome reprieve from the storm clouds has certainly been a delight, though the sudden warmth can add to sudden tiredness, so do be mindful that as we are about to enter what is referred to as the mutable aspect of Winter, weather changes, from what appears to feel like Spring warmth back to depths of Winter and back again, may affect feelings of enthusiasm interweaved with sleepiness.

As always, I look forward to catching up with many of you over the Term as we approach our Open Day on the 11th of September… which seems just around the corner!

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

Enrolments 2022

Due to the high number of enrolment applications already received for the Kindy 4, 5 and 6 year-old program, as well as for Class 1 and Class 4 for 2022, all further enrolment applications for these year groups will be placed on a waiting list. Please contact the front office for more information if required.

The YSS Playgroup at Carbunup Hall is also experiencing unprecedented popularity and is fully booked out for the remainder of this year and we fully expect this to continue into 2022.  A Friday group will commence next year to provide more opportunities for our young families.  More information on how Playgroup bookings for 2022 are looking will be available shortly, however, we may need to waitlist enrolment applications for 2022 for the Playgroup as well.

We are taking applications for 2023 and are happy to receive these now.  However, due to the volume of applications that we are experiencing at present, there may be delays with return phone calls and follow up correspondence will be subject to waiting list availability.  Please have patience that your queries will be responded to in due course.

Blessed are the soup makers
Primary Years- Soup Roster Term 3

Please organise someone to replace you if you are unable to attend your roster day.

P&F Update

Soup & Ice Cream

Please remember to pay for the Soup & Ice Cream which is being provided for your child at the school. 

Remember, when paying online, please clearly state the full name of your child and the words ice-cream/soup and please only use the P&F Bank account.

YSS P&F Association BSB: 633-000 ACC: 146802558

MR Refund Recycling, even easier!

Dunsborough MR Refund Depot now has a special separate drop off bin for YSS!!

You can simply drop eligible containers straight into this bin and the refund goes straight to YSS P&F for the school.

You can still drop off at any depot in the SW, with YSS ID code (C10285823 ) on the bag.

The school is no longer a drop off depot.

2021 YSS Annual Spring Fair … Save the Date!!

Sunday 28th November – Much more info to come ..

Jars needed for the Spring fair – any sizes/shapes.  Please drop off in Class 3.

Thank you.            Alice Leavy (M: 0419 956 576)               Email:

Carbunup Hall – Maintenance Request

The Carbunup Hall, centre for our very popular Playgroup, and management of which has been vested with YSS by the City of Busselton for the last few years, requires a new (or renewed) set of Jarrah front doors. 

The current set of front doors are very old and very hard to open and close.

We’re hoping to keep ‘the vibe’ of the current doors.  So, if you, or anyone you may know, has the carpentry expertise required to regenerate the entrance to this gorgeous old building, please get in touch with Jane Huxley,

Many thanks in advance 😊

WA Opera Company

Last week we were all treated to an incursion from the Western Australian Opera Company entitled:  Act-Belong-Commit Our Opera Our WA.  Amidst a repertoire of popular and highly regarded works, the company shared an intimate musical journey of their lives.  The result was pure delight.  Their playful, yet sincere, approach made the music very accessible and thoroughly enjoyed.

Some of the works performed included:  LARGO AL FACTOTEM – The Barber of Seville (Rossini)

LA VIE EN ROSE – made famous by Edith Piaf;  WANJOO – Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse;   

PAPAGENA/PAPAGENO DUET – The Magic Flute (Mozart).  BRAVO WA Opera!  BRAVO!

Class 3 – Planter Box Project

This term, the Class Three students spent a wonderful afternoon constructing new herb planters for outside their classroom.  A huge thanks to Craig and Pepper Dickson for designing and helping us build them from recycled materials.  We have filled them with soil and planted chamomile and peppermint in them, which we are hoping to grow and harvest for tea.

Class 4 - History of Writing

Class 4 embarked on a journey through time in the History of Writing Main Lesson. The history focus begins with a mythological connection which addresses the human consciousness that underpins representation of thought. The class explored this representation in the Australian context looking at local stone carvings and rock art in the Kimberley and Kakadu areas. The children made their own tools from bamboo and learned to write in cuneiform and runes. 

The class learned the art of running writing and calligraphy which builds an ability for calm focus and inner as well as outer balance and harmony of form.

‘Education Assistants’ as Artists of Education

Steiner wrote often of education as an art form.  A craft that is practised and honed from a place of understanding of the human being as an archetype and of understanding and love for the individual child.

All adults who work in Steiner education, work from this central premise.  And all adults who work in the kindergarten, whether their job title is ‘Teacher’ or ‘Education Assistant’ do too.

Returning to the Kindergarten after the mid-year break, I am once again struck by how remarkably skilled our Education Assistants are.

Being an artist of education requires us to respond to each situation in just the right way and to trust ourselves and those around us.  We need to respond in each moment in a way that is right for the individual child as well as being right for the group as a whole.  This is no easy task.  This can only be achieved through inner work, observation, and a striving on the part of each adult to allow each individual to unfold in the most harmonious way possible.

As Teachers we all strive to work in this way and so too do the ‘Education Assistants.’  But they have an additional task, in being responsive to the cues and the ‘picture’ of the class that the Teacher holds.  Not only are Assistants holding each child in the room with love, care, and skill but they are responding in an infinite number of ways throughout each day to how the Teacher is holding the child and the class.  In doing this, they ensure that the loving cloak which surrounds each child is done so with consistency and steadfastness.  This is immensely comforting to our children.  To feel a group of adults working together with respect, skill, and love, for them, is a powerful and grounding thing.

So, you may observe the ‘Assistants’ in the Kindergartens, sweeping the deck, chopping the fruit, doing the dishes, but these are not menial tasks.  They are an outer expression of all the inner work that is required of all adults privileged enough to be in the company of young children on a daily basis.

Writing this is really just a way of communicating my appreciation of Nicky, Nia, Marsha and Julie and all the wonderful people who stand in for them when they cannot be present.  We are so blessed to have them working within our school and your children are so blessed to be spending their days with them in the Kindergarten.  So, for now, until we have a better word or phrase, I will continue to use the job title ‘Education Assistant.’  But please know, that each time I do, this depth of gratitude and appreciation is carried within it.


In love and light
Charlie and the Kindergarten team

A Secret of Nature – Class 5

The colourful blossoms of our surrounding garden beds stood ready to welcome us back to school this term.  Flourishing in these water-soaked wintery conditions, a rainbow of colours shines as bright as the sun.

Continued efforts to fill the grounds, with native plants from our area, finds enthusiasm and support amongst us all.

The days leading up to the school holidays were industrious ones.  Many children participated in tending to these treasured spaces while many adults participated in the creation of a new garden space (on the corner of Wildwood and Caves Road).

Special thanks to:

Mandy Edwards, of Zamia Planting Services, for the site assessment, plant selection and garden design of this latest area.

Luke Hill, of Naturaliste Tree Care, for the removal of the non-native plant species and the impeccable timing.

Julie and Colin Duncombe, for your trailer load of fresh mulch that absolutely makes those colours pop and gardens thrive.

The YSS teaching staff and students, for tucking in our little tube stock plants with tenderness and care.

With many new species starting to establish themselves, the work of previous years is really starting to show.  The work of this year is busy taking root in the ground.  We eagerly await its multihued arrival in the seasons to come.

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