Issue 13 Week 7 Term 3 - 1st September 2021

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Musings from Jean-Michel

As some days begin to reflect Sunlit brightness, the clarity of light certainly brings increased activities and children’s increased engagement through their limbs: a useful precursor to directed will-forces infused by clarity of mind.  On the same note, to observe the Class 5 prepare for their inter-Steiner School Olympics shows how grace combined with accuracy and inner strength exemplifies this age.  The ‘Greek Olympics’ is of course an anticipated annual event that also allows our Steiner schools across the State to come together for a day, with a focus on Ancient Greece being one of Class 5’s cultural underpinnings of the curriculum and reflective of their own awakening to new intellectual capacities.

It is useful to occasionally reflect on the classical descriptions and their qualities that guide each level of the Class teacher period:  with Fairy Tales through Class 1;  Celtic Tales through Class 2;  Old Testament Stories in Class 3;  Nordic Myths in Class 4; and then moving to the vastness of Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek sagas in Class 5;  through to the highly structured historical expansionism of Rome;  (and onwards through to Classes 7 & 8 moving into Mediaeval and Renaissance themes respectively). These provide useful guides as to the type of consciousness that seeks to make meaning of the physical and social world in which the child finds itself.

For us as adults, at this time of the year in school administration, we also begin preparations for 2022 – even though from the children’s perspectives, of course, next year is an eternity away.  As it should be. For them, the ever-present unfolds and its gifts simply grace the moment: to leave yesterday as yesterday, and tomorrow as tomorrow, and simply live in the space that opens to their conscious and unique awakening.  For us adults, contrary to this, tomorrow already begins to impact our daily life, and planning takes time.  And of course, for each human being, irrespective of age, the future, as Steiner describes, draws and beckons us…

Finally, a brief reminder that Friday 10th of September school will finish at 1pm, with our Open Day on Saturday 11th of September!

Out and About with Class 1 (incl Classes 2, 3 & 4)

Let’s begin by welcoming Giselle and her family to Class 1 at Yallingup Steiner School.  Giselle was lucky enough to be part of our bushwalking adventures on her very first day with us.

Upon ending a day of bushwalking, one might catch a child commenting to their parents, “We didn’t do any work today!”, to which I would quietly giggle because, as future custodians of this land, the children did possibly their most important work.

Wardandi Boodja

Sand and water and time move through our fingers;

damp from the sea, the land clings to us— salty and healing.

Slow down and listen to that whisper in the trees, slow down.

Listen to the ancestors, bworan moort, keepers of the land singing to the silvery kwilena.

They leap and call. Hear them—they have come to play, come to listen.

Swim, koolangka, chase the seagulls, laugh in the clean air.

See, where serpent rivers swirl into brine, where maali dip long necks in living water.

Step gently here.

The earth is under our skin, and Wardandi boodja keeps a warm fire burning.

This Poem from the Noongar Community in Bunbury, displayed beside the impressive sculpture of the same name, Wardandi Boodja, meaning People of the Saltwater Country.

Class 1 Knitting with Annie

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YSS Newsletter 2021 Term 3 Week 7