Issue 14 Term 3 Week 9 - 15 September 2021

Revealing Itself and unfettering

The powers of Its nature,

The Joy-of-Becoming, latent in

The Cosmos, accosts the human “I”:

Losing My life from its enchantment

By passing it across to thee,

I become at last to My appointed goal.

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Musings from Jean-Michel

Blessings for Yom Kippur on Thursday – Gmar gatima tova!

This is our final Newsletter for Term 3 – and what a wonderful Winter Term it has been. Winter has this habit of not only producing an abundance of hearth-gathering weather, as well as storms that remind us of nature’s core strength: from winds that saw roads closed and tree falls, to swells that swept beaches bare and made surfing at times more hazardous than usual.

Next week will mark the Equinox, when the Earth’s annual sweep has the equator directly in the Sun’s orbital path, and our observations brings the Sun South, leaving Northern climes to head within the Tropical Belt of Cancer. This is the time that marks the seasonal change to Spring … yes, I know that by Governor edict allowing soldier Summer dress from the 1st of December during colonial days, Australia has the seasonal marking on the 1st of the month. From a Steiner perspective, however, it is not until the Earth traverses the equinoctial point that change arises in consciousness.

As such, next week shall be our Spring Equinox Festival. Kindy parents have already been provided with information by letter.  For the Primary families, please have the children at school as per normal. We will arrange transport to Meelup where (subject to the weather) our festival will include singing, paneurhythmy, and a walk, returning to school for afternoon arrangements and normal school finish time – and to pre-empt that last day of school, I wish each and every family a most wonderful Spring holiday!

Thank you to everyone who helped on the Open Day – the grounds felt well cared for, the food nourishing to soul and body! and the children’s work shone!  From my perspective, the most important aspect of the Open Day is that it provides the children a way to reflect on their journey thus far and be drawn towards the future by seeing the work of older classes.  Of course, as parents and teachers, we are also infused with delight and gratitude for the work the students have undertaken under the guidance of their respective teachers – for which we are astoundingly grateful.  As grateful as for the care the parents continue to show in their trust by placing their children in our pedagogical nurturance.

Thank you also to Tania!  It was always going to be quite a task to step in, at relatively short notice, to Jane Watts’s shoes at the Front Desk.  Not only has Tania needed to ever so swiftly familiarise herself with the many systems in place and various multitasking roles Jane takes on, as well as be on top of Newsletters, address enquiries from existing and prospective parents – and having the website totally change a few weeks into the Term! We do not know what the future brings, so on everyone’s behalf, I wish her well as destiny further unveils itself.

Update to Parent Handbook on what to do in suspected Child Abuse

As we review our documents, an important omission has been noted in the Parent Handbook that seeks to inform parents on what to do in the event of suspected child abuse. The school, as all schools in Australia, are subject to the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations ( 

Parents and guardians who may be led to believe or suspect that a child is being subjected to abuse are encouraged to contact the Class Teacher, School Chaplain, and/or Principal.  Parents and guardians may also directly contact Department of Communities:  Child Protection and Family Support through

All communication will be treated confidentially and followed through as appropriate.

P&F Update YSS Annual Spring Fair Sunday 28th November 2021

A few ideas to get started..

  1. If anyone feel like or with their children.. potting up seeds or seedlingsto sell at the Plant Stall please do so at home asap, to have nice healthy plants by November.
  1. If anyone has winery contactsand can organise wine to be donated, please organise to get the wine to Jen Harris (0408 948 934) as we are collecting wine for our Wine Raffle.
  1. We are looking for stall holder organisersfor these School Stalls still..     
  • Craft Stall
  • Sushi Stall
  • General Raffle

Please contact P&F via Alice for any questions on all the above, or if you are interested in being the Main Spring Fair Assistant…

Enrolments 2022

Due to the high number of enrolment applications already received for the Kindy 4, 5 and 6 year-old program, as well as for Class 1 and Class 4 for 2022, all further enrolment applications for these year groups will be placed on a waiting list. Please contact the front office for more information if required.

The YSS Playgroup at Carbunup Hall is also experiencing unprecedented popularity and is fully booked out for the remainder of this year and we fully expect this to continue into 2022.  A Friday group will commence next year to provide more opportunities for our young families. 

Fees and Charges 2022 are shown on the following page.

Please contact the office if you have any further queries.

Fees and Charges 2022

Tuition fees and levies are to be paid in advance before commencement of term.


Per Semester


0 – 3 years

$30 Enrolment fee (one off payment)

$410 first child

$180 (each subsequent sibling)


(not including siblings)

Four-year-old at Playgroup




Per Term


K4:  Four-year-old 

Semester 1: Two full days.

Semester 2: Three full days

(This may change depending on child’s age

and discussions with teacher)



K5:  Five-year-old (4 full days)



K6:  Six-year-old (five full days)




Per Term








 Family Tuition Fee Discounts

Discounts come into effect from K6.  Only applicable if there are no other outstanding fees.

1st Child       Full fee;       2nd Child 10%;                 3rd Child 30%;                  4th Child 40%

 To register a child for enrolment, an application fee of $105.00 per child must accompany the application form. This fee is non-refundable and covers administration costs.  Any new families entering the school will be required to pay an Establishment Fee of $800.00, on the acceptance of a place for the first child.  This fee is non-refundable and is used for capital improvements.

 Fees paid in full annually by 28th January 2022, will receive a further 5% discount.

2022 school fees will all be raised as annual invoices, with a statement issued week five of each term.  Families not able to pay in full their annual invoice have two payment options:

  1. Quarterly: Pay fees each term in full by the first Friday of each Term
  2. Fortnightly: Total amount paid in 24 equal instalments

Those families choosing Option 2. will need to sign a payment arrangement in writing agreed with the Business Manager.

Payments can be made in cash, EFTPOS, direct debit or by cheque.  Accounts can be paid in person during office hours.  Cheques/money orders can be posted to the school. Please do not send fees in your child’s bag.

 For online bank transfers the school bank account details are:

BSB:   016 580

A/C:   3409 07004

Account name: Yallingup Steiner School (ANZ)

Please use your invoice number as a reference.

Class Six Journey through the History of Rome

Class Six have embarked on a journey through the history of Rome, covering aspects of its origins in the figures of Romulus and Remus who, as legend depicts, were firstly nurtured by a wolf on the banks of the river Tiber. We then ventured into the founding of Rome by Romulus and the varying qualities of the Seven Kings of Rome. The children individually researched aspects of Roman history, ranging from the formation of the Republic, Roman law, Roman way of life, relationship to the Gods, women’s rights, aqueducts, gladiators, the Colosseum, Pompeii, and the Roman timeline – spanning the Kings, the Republic, and the Roman Empire.  In a rich learning exercise, each child presented their research to the class and created artistic representations of their subject matter.  The work reflected their emerging and newly defined observations. 

Our work in our play “Queen Boudicca’, although a usual comedy, aims to draw out aspects of the Roman empire and its Emperors.  We consider how this rulership was not favourable towards a peaceful society, and how this was later contested by the powerful Iceni figure of Boudicca and her fearless resistance to Roman expansion in Britain.

Many thanks to Alfonso Puzzarini, who has given his time and expertise in cooking lessons with the children, as they explored ancient Roman life through recipes.

Class 6 Open Day Display

Open Day

If you would like to view the special edition Open Day Newsletter which features extracts from all 2021 Newsletters, please click on the following link:

YSS Open Day Newsletter 2021

Wanjoo: The Welcome Song

We welcomed families to YSS on Saturday with a choral performance of Gina Williams’ Wanjoo. Gina is a Ballardong woman from the Noongar nation and she wrote Wanjoo as a Welcome to Country song for her own children. Wanjoo is the Noongar word for welcome. 

Class 1 have sung this beautiful song with Lisa all year, but many of the students were introduced to the song when the WA Opera visited our school. The singers opened their performance by teaching us the words and actions for Wanjoo. We thought they were appropriate for Open Day so we have been practising as a whole school, accompanied by Lisa, Jacqui and our C5 guitarists.  

Open Day – Thank you!!!

Enormous thank you to all the sensational bakers!! That was a spectacular effort!  It was all enormously enjoyed by all, and kept everyone content with full bellies, to be able to look around and enjoy our beautiful school.

A very BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful kitchen helpers on the day!!  Your help and time was extremely appreciated.  It could not have happened without your kind donation of your time.


More Open Day Photo Collages

Familiar Faces came to join us too . . .

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