YSS Newsletter 2021 Term 2 Wk 5

Musings from Jean-Michel

A number of classes continue to be blessed with new families in the school, many of whom already have connections to students within those classes. Aside from the Playgroup in Carbunup, there are fresh new faces in Kindy, Class 1 and Class 3, all blessed with new friends to make and work to share…

YSS Newsletter 2021 Term 2 Wk 3

Musings from Jean-Michel

You may have noticed a new smile or voice on the phone welcoming you from the front desk – if you haven’t already, please do say hello to Tania. Jane Watts will be on long service leave during Term 3, so Tania is here once a week to enable her to be able to cover all the very many (and therefore seamless) tasks held and undertaken at the front office…

YSS Newsletter 2021 Term 2 Wk 7

Musings from Jean-Michel

Coming up is of course the Winter Solstice. To more deeply connect with the festival, I shall speak (in the Hall) specifically on the Winter Festival on Monday 14th June between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. Please do make the time if you are able to. For the Primary classes, the festival itself will take place on the following Monday…