Deep within my being now I hear the cosmic word Speaking to be heard: “fulfill the goals of your life’s work With Spirit-Light from Me, By offering up yourself through Me”

Upcoming Events Term 2

Monday 12th June

  • Class 2&3 Bush Walking

Wednesday 14th June

  • Class 4&5 Bushwalking
  • Soup Day

Thursday 15th June

  • Rainbow Room and Dolphin Room Winter Festival  Spiral 9am-9:15am families invited. 

Friday 16th June

  • K6 and C1 Bush Walking

Monday 19th June

  • Class 2&3 Bush Walking

Tuesday 20th June

  • Rainbow Room and Dolphin Room Winter Festival  Spiral 9am-9:15am families invited. 

Wednesday 21st June

  • Winter Solstice Festival: Pupil Free Day with evening attendance for students.

Friday 23rd June

  • K6 and C1 Bush Walking 
  • Last day of term 2 Full day


Dear families,

                       As the Winter festival draws near there is a mood of excitement. Apples are being spiralled and lanterns crafted. From within the children, years of winter songs bubble to the surface and the sweet voices join together in spontaneous singing. This is perhaps one of the loveliest components of the seasonal rhythms to behold.

This year we have a new theme emerging from the Phoenix inspired celebration of last winter. Amongst the eggs inside the nest was one with a leathery shell…

The children will enjoy storytelling in the lead up to the festival on Wednesday the 21st June.

Please note that this is a pupil free day in order that the staff may prepare the grounds for the evening’s proceedings.


The schedule is as follows:

Arrival: 4.45 – 5.00 pm

Children are to go straight to classrooms and Parents please gather in the hall.


Parents led outside at approx. 5.15pm

Students led in procession by teachers.


Singing and performance from Class 6 will follow.


The walking of the Spiral will be to the tune of ‘Deep and Dark’.

Children will walk with their classes and families to follow behind the student cohort.


As you exit the spiral, please wait quietly for your children to join you and then proceed to the exit by the kitchen.

This year’s exit song is ‘Good Night, Stars Our Light’.


The children have been practising the two simple tunes amongst others and can likely share them with you prior to the night.


A delicious apple treat will await each family as you exit, to be warmed up and enjoyed together when you arrive home.


It is important to take the quiet and introspective mood of the festival with you.

The students are encouraged to contemplate that which they would like to take into the new year and to reflect on the year gone by.

The design of the spiral walk allows first for the letting go of the old and then on reaching the central light to begin projecting the new.


6-6.30 pm: Festival concludes.


We warmly anticipate your company on Wednesday evening.

Kind Regards,



Semester 1 School Reports

School reports (K5-C6) will be getting posted out in the first week of the holidays. Please ensure the office has your correct address so the reports do not go astray.

Holiday Office Times

The school office will be closed for the first two weeks of the school holidays.

Office staff will return the week of Monday 10th July. Should you need to contact the school, please do so via email.

As we approach the end of term 2 we would like to wish everyone a very safe holiday period. Please remember this is a three-week break with School re-commencing on Monday 17thJuly.

YSS Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Funds (YSS Bursary Fund and YSS Building Fund)

It takes a whole community to raise a child.


During my tenure at YSS, I have been blown away by the generosity of spirit, kindness and commitment that are present among the parents, teachers, staff and students.   I love coming to work here every day.  It brings joy to my heart to see the children, hear their laughter and see them at play.


We’ve been very fortunate to have within our community a number of very generous benefactors who have chosen, because of their belief in Steiner Education, to donate to the school to help other children experience what we have to offer.


Two Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Funds currently operate at our school.  The YSS Bursary Fund has enabled YSS to offer financial assistance to a number of families over the last few years.  This has translated to offering a Steiner Education experience to children who may not otherwise have been able to experience this.  We would like to be able to continue to assist more families who may wish to send their children to YSS.


The YSS Building Fund was established in 2000 and has supported the building of much of the infrastructure you see around the school.


If you would like to donate to one or both of our DGR funds, or if you know of a friend or relative who may be in a position to donate, please urge them to contact me personally so that we can discuss the benefits their funds will contribute to YSS.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Banking Details for the YSS Bursary Fund are:


BSB:    016580

A/c:    2960-54576


Banking Details for the YSS Building Fund are:

BSB:    016-580

A/c:    1979-93922


Thank you for your time.

Jane Huxley

Business Manager


Carbunup Playgroup

We have embraced the new Makuru season with open arms at Playgroup, enjoying warming activities such as bread baking, crafts and indoor play. 

There have also been some new arrivals recently; just as the first lambs are starting to appear in the paddocks we are having a spate of new babies in our midst.  Welcome to you all!

It is always magical to watch how each newborn baby reacts when they experience our song circle for the first time since entering the world.  

There is a recognition of what they heard when they were still ‘unborn’, and a relaxation in the familiar surroundings and sounds which they absorbed while still in utero. 

I always feel so privileged to witness those precious moments!

This year we are bursting at the seams at Playgroup; we have five full mornings (Monday to Friday) and a substantial wait list.  We encourage anyone who is keen to join one of our Playgroup days to contact the school now and put your application in for next year.    


Victoria and Mindy

Handwork with Victoria

The Classes 1, 2 and 5 have worked very hard this past term, especially with the onset of the cooler weather – always good for handwork.

Class One finished embroidering their names onto a piece of felt and stitching this to their hand-dyed craft bags. We have just started a circular weaving project, which the children have embarked upon with great enthusiasm.  Their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination are strengthened by this detailed work, as well as the modelling we do at the start of each lesson, using beeswax. I call this group my ‘Singing Class’, as the children spontaneously start singing whenever they are concentrating on their work.


Class Two  continued the sewing journey by stitching their names onto their crafts bags, sewing small felt finger puppets, and finishing off their

knitting project from the previous school year. Presenting a little ‘smorgasboard’ of various handwork- and arts activities each lesson for the children to engage in has fired up their imagination and ‘will to work’. As with Class One, we start the lesson with some wax- or Alkena clay-wax modelling, and then move to the desks where the children find their crafts bag, latest project to continue, and some paper for drawing while they wait to be helped with their handwork.

Recently I have added some bread baking to the mix, starting the lesson with some creative dough-modelling. The children seem to be transported straight back to their Kindergarten days, singing songs and taking their time with creating wonderful shapes – which they then get to eat a little later on, after the mouthwatering smell of freshly baked bread has filled the classroom!

Class Five have all but finished their beautiful felt elephants, with some of the children gone on to make a tiny baby elephant for their adult one. This project has been a challenge for some and a joy for others, but in the end all the children take home their finished elephant to proudly show to their families. While bringing this project to an end, we have also embarked on a little cross stitch project, creating a symmetrical design on a small piece of fabric using embroidery threads in beautiful colours.  I have also introduced some bread baking to this Friday afternoon class, ending the week with a welcome warming activity for all the senses.

Dolphin Room News

We are grateful for our wet weather pants, gum boots and rain coats! This rainy weather has softened then ground and made it easier to dig, and much to everyone’s delight there is clay below. The children have been busy making clay slabs, while enjoying the sensory experience of being ‘stuck in the muck’.

For warm and dry respite, we have been busy inside preparing and making our lanterns. Twisting yarn, cutting and gluing.




Class 1 News

Term 2 has been a busy time for Class 1.  We finished discovering the last few letters of the alphabet (Angel sounds also known as vowels) and started writing and reading our first sentences.  We also continued exploring and playing with numbers, which we counted, stamped, jumped and sang in many different shapes, forms and ways.  The children started knitting with the help of a special verse:

‘In the front door

Run around the back

Peek through the window

And off jumps Jack’

They started knitting a little bag.


Our Fridays have been special thanks to our weekly bushwalks.  During these walks we immerse ourselves into nature, enjoying the spectacular coastline, discovering small creatures and various birds along the way.

We started making our lanterns, in preparation for the upcoming Winter Festival.  We are excited that it will be here soon.


Blessed are the Soup Makers ! Soup Day Information

Primary Years- Soup Roster Term 2

The primary school Soup Day will commence on Wednesday 26th April. Yallingup Wood Fired Bread will once again be donating their delicious & nutritious bread. The bread along with butter will be at the school kitchen on the morning of soup day.  

Soups are required to be made in the school kitchen so please come to school with time to prepare, cook & serve your soup -Lunch is served at 12:45 pm for all primary classes. Please cook enough soup to feed around 40 hungry children (10 litres-around 45 cups) this is important as we have had days when we have run out of soup. The P&F kitchen is fully equipped so you will not need to bring anything other than your fresh ingredients. Please remember to confer with your ‘soup buddy’ to make sure that one person prepares a vegetarian & gluten/dairy free soup. If you are unable to prepare & cook the soup on the day, you can come in the day before to do it & leave it in the fridge, but please ensure you leave enough time to come in on the day to reheat, serve your soup and to cut up and butter the bread. *BOTH SOUPS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FREE OF PEANUT’S and BRAZIL NUTS*

We have found that it is helpful after you have done your soup roster to call the parent next on the list, giving them a friendly reminder that they are on the roster the following week.

If you are unable to make your rostered day, please make arrangements ahead of time to swap with someone else on the roster or another parent in the school. Please inform Alice Leavy of any changes on 0419 956 576

Soup costs $2.50 per child per week; No money will be taken on the day. If you haven’t already returned the payment form (available on school stream or from the school office) please do so as soon as possible.   

As well as giving our children a delicious warm hearty meal, this is a fantastic fundraiser for our school, the P&F thank you all ahead of time, for your time spent & generosity in making this fundraiser successful.

Remember when paying online please clearly state the full name of your child and the words ice-cream/soup and please only use the P&F Bank account.

-YSS P&F Association BSB: 633-000 ACC: 146802558   

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

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