In reaching for new enticements of the senses, and mindful of the spirit lately brought to birth, The clarity of the soul now fills the confusing, sprouting growth of the world. With the shaping will of my own thinking.

Upcoming Events Term 3

Monday 31st July

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 1st August


Wednesday 2nd August 

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster: Sheridan H & Skye T
  • Class 4 Parent Meeting 5:30pm.

Thursday 3rd August

  • Incursion: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre: Blueback

Friday 4th August

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1 
  • Excursion C2-C6 BREC 

Monday 7th August

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 8th August


Wednesday 9th August 

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster:  Nikola P & Leona H

Thursday 10th August

  • Class 1 Parent Meeting 5:30pm

Friday 11th  August

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1

Monday 14th July

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 15th August


Wednesday 16th August 

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster: Roddy D & Claire C

Thursday 17th August


Friday 18th August

  • Bush
  • Walking Classes K6 & C1 

Monday 21st Aug

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 22nd August


Wednesday 23rd August 

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster: Caitlin T & Damien D 

Thursday 24th August


Friday 25th August

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1 

Monday 28th August

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 29th August


Wednesday 30th August 

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster:  Seb K & Skye T 

Thursday 31st August


Friday 1st September

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1

Monday 4th September

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 5th September


Wednesday 6th September

  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster:  Lou M & Jo D

Thursday 7th September


Friday 8th September

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1 

Monday 11th September

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 12th September

  • Class 4 Camp

Wednesday 13th September

  • Class 4 Camp
  • Bush Walking Classes 4 & 5 
  • Soup Roster:  Ness B & Kane P

Thursday 14th September


Friday 15th September

  • Bush Walking Classes K6 & C1 
  • Class 5 Greek Olympics 

Monday 18th September

  • Bush Walking Classes 2 & 3 

Tuesday 19th September


Wednesday 20th September

  • Spring Festival
  •  End of Term HALF DAY  12 noon

Term 3 Week 3

Dear Families,

                        This week holds a rich cultural schedule for students with puppetry and opera at the forefront. Thursday’s incursion is a retelling of Tim Winton’s ‘Blueback’, presented by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. I have seen this performance before and can still remember how wonderful the main puppet is. This performance will staged in our hall.

On Friday we will accompany Classes 2-6 to BREC for an innovative opera sung in Nyoongar language with English sub-titles. Stars of the show are two familiar characters to the children, Wardong the Raven and Koolbardi the Magpie. This performance is eagerly anticipated by students and staff alike. It promises to be a visual and auditory treat with a  magical set and orchestral suite, full of dance as well as song.

We hope that you enjoy discussing the children’s experience of these performances with them and that they may inspire play and inspiration.


Warm Regards,


Census Day Friday 4th August 2023

Federal and State Census Day is this Friday 4th August.  The second and final census count of the year.  This is where our student numbers are collected and form part of our Funding from the State and Federal Governments.  It is vital that student attendance is reflected well on this day if we are to secure accurate and full funding.

If your child is absent on Friday, could you please ensure that an absentee note is completed and forwarded to the School Office or via SchoolStream.

Many thanks

Jane Huxley

Bush Walking Class 2 & 3

On Mondays during semester two and three, the children from Class 2 and 3 have participated in the bushwalking program, guided by Cape to Cape Explorer Tours. We have enjoyed exploring local flora, fauna and the landscape, watching these change through the seasons of Djeran, Makuru and Djilba. During walking, the children enhance their respect and connection with country while building on their physical needs. They learn perseverance and to trust their bodies to meet the challenges presented in the natural environment. We have walked many local tracks including areas along Gracetown, Injinup and Cape Naturaliste. 

Physical demands – Challenging climbs

Hands on Rehabilitation Community Work

Homes and shelters – Upcoming Main Lesson 

Hanging by a thread – Stick house of the Case Moth

A home on its back – the native snail.

Observing the hardworking ants and their home construction


Money – Upcoming Main Lesson 

Trading – and the value of our collections.

And there is always a place for art on our walks.

Mobile Dental

Busselton Dental Mobile located at Dunsborough Primary School

Phone: 0417 269 232                                                Email:                                               

Open 8.30am to 3.30pm on Tuesdays and occasional Mondays

For emergency advice on other days please contact 9757 8211 between 8am and 4pm.  For emergency advice outside of these hours please contact your family dentist or the emergency advice line 1800 098818

As you may have noticed, we are currently seeing the brand-new enrolments to our service, and any emergencies or toothache patients.  Patients waitlisted for an examination will be offered appointments when we have appointments available.  There is no need to contact us unless you require emergency advice.  We will contact you when your child comes to the top of the recall waitlist.


  • Brush 2x a day and Floss 1 x daily
  • Help your child each night to remove all plaque before bed.
  • Use a pea sized amount of adult toothpaste once the adult teeth start erupting behind the baby molars at approximately 5-7yrs old. Encourage your child to spit out and not swallow or eat the toothpaste.
  • Spit don’t rinse following brushing.
  • Drink tap water. Dunsborough scheme water is naturally fluoridated at the ideal level to help protect our teeth, but bottled water, filtered water or tank water may not be. Perhaps get your child to fill their water bottle up at school every day.
  • When thirsty drink water, no juices, or other products.
  • Reduce sugars. It’s everywhere!! Lollies, biscuits, muesli bars, sauces, and drinks.

Have an allocated “Treat time/day”. Saves saying no. Try “Yes but on………”

  • Consider a visit to your family dentist, if able, from age 2 years old on a regular basis.
    You may be eligible for $1037 over 2yrs with the Child Dental Benefits Scheme, if you have family tax A or a concession card. Check your Medicare account on MyGov for eligibility. Check your family dentist accepts the scheme and how it works with them.

If you have any concerns or queries email us at

The Dental Team

Blessed are the Soup Makers ! Soup Day Information

Primary Years- Soup Roster Term 3

The primary school Soup Day will commence on Wednesday 19th July.  Yallingup Wood Fired Bread will once again be donating their delicious & nutritious bread. The bread along with butter will be at the school kitchen on the morning of soup day.  

Soups are required to be made in the school kitchen so please come to school with time to prepare, cook & serve your soup -Lunch is served at 12:45 pm for all primary classes. Please cook enough soup to feed around 40 hungry children (10 litres-around 45 cups) this is important as we have had days when we have run out of soup. The P&F kitchen is fully equipped so you will not need to bring anything other than your fresh ingredients. Please remember to confer with your ‘soup buddy’ to make sure that one person prepares a vegetarian & gluten/dairy free soup. If you are unable to prepare & cook the soup on the day, you can come in the day before to do it & leave it in the fridge, but please ensure you leave enough time to come in on the day to reheat, serve your soup and to cut up and butter the bread. *BOTH SOUPS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FREE OF PEANUT’S and BRAZIL NUTS*

We have found that it is helpful after you have done your soup roster to call the parent next on the list, giving them a friendly reminder that they are on the roster the following week.

If you are unable to make your rostered day, please make arrangements ahead of time to swap with someone else on the roster or another parent in the school. Please inform Alice Leavy of any changes on 0419 956 576

Soup costs $2.50 per child per week; No money will be taken on the day. If you haven’t already returned the payment form (available on school stream or from the school office) please do so as soon as possible.   

As well as giving our children a delicious warm hearty meal, this is a fantastic fundraiser for our school, the P&F thank you all ahead of time, for your time spent & generosity in making this fundraiser successful.

Remember when paying online please clearly state the full name of your child and the words ice-cream/soup and please only use the P&F Bank account.

-YSS P&F Association BSB: 633-000 ACC: 146802558   

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

Donnelly River FULLY BOOKED

This year’s uptake has been very quick, we are now fully booked, we are actually over booked.

I am trying to secure additional cabins at the village to accommodate everyone who has booked to date and to make room for late comers.

I believe I have responded to all enquiries. If you have booked but have not received an email from me, please email me immediately incase you have slipped under the radar!

If you haven’t booked and you still would like to come, email me ASAP (immediately would be handy) and I’ll put you on the waiting list (first come first served)

If you have booked and you choose to cancel, please let me know so we accommodate the next family.

Please email Pete Freeman

Please do not contact the school office as this is a P&F event.

Kind regards


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