The radient being of the sun Mounts to summer's heights And takes my human heart away To the vastness of its space. A dim awareness wakes in me Auspiciously to say, 'You will hereafter recognise A god did feel you then.'

Upcoming Events Term 4

Monday 11th December

  • C6 Family lunch Gracetown 10am-2:30pm
  • K6 Parent Meeting 1:30pm.

Tuesday 12th December

  • K6 Graduation 9:15 am for K6 families only.
  • Farewell picnic 10am for all kindergarten families – Last day of term for all kindergarten students 12 noon finish.

Wednesday 13th December

  • Leap of Faith C1-6 Canal Rocks 9:30- 12 noon & school community gathering 2:45pm- info on SchoolStream  
  • End of Term 4 full day attendance.

Wednesday 20th December 

  • Office closes for 2023.

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

  • Office reopens.

Wednesday 31st January  2024

  • Term 1 begins


The past, the present, the future, informs, the future, the present, the past.

                                                                                                                                    Zac Webb

Walking through Boodja (Country) with Zac Webb (Wadandi-Pibulmun cultural custodian) is an enlightened experience. Concluding sentiments, at a recent gathering, left a deep impression. Contemplations in days to follow found many connections particularly poignant to this time of year.

Wishing all who journey onwards, safe travels; your time here will be remembered and cherished.

A special mention to Julie and Colin Duncombe, who have lovingly cared for, serviced and supported our school these last nine years.

A further special mention to Alice Leavy, whose dedication to our school in her various support roles, particularly her long serving involvement on the P&F, knows no bounds. 

        The teachings of yesterday         

Shape who you are today

Carry you toward tomorrow

At a future point in time

You will be standing in the present

Thinking about lessons learned in the past

This is not goodbye. This is, see you when I’m looking at you next!

                                                                                                                                    Zac Webb

Dear Families,

In a few short days, the school year will be finished.

As we close our doors, on Wednesday 20th of December, a two-week holiday is scheduled for all.

The new year, Tuesday 2nd of January, brings our hardworking administration team back to begin preparing for the start of Term One.

Workshops facilitated by Shelly Davidow on Restorative Practice, will find us gathering together at Silver Tree Steiner School, Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of January, just before we welcome your return on Wednesday 31st of January. A skeleton staff will be operating the office during this time, should you need.

Before we leap into the future, I am reminded of Zac’s wisdom as shared above.

‘The past, the present, the future, informs, the future, the present, the past.’

Thinking about next year, while waking up to today, reminds me to remember our yesterdays and take time to let that quiet teaching inform new directions.



Class One Teacher 2024

The College of Teachers is very pleased to announce the appointment of Nia Almera to the position of Class One Teacher for 2024. 

Nia has been a valued member of the kindergarten team at YSS for many years, and a familiar face to many of our school community. 

She brings a warm and considered approach, sensitive to the needs of the children. Nia’s passions for art, craft and music bring beauty, harmony and delight. 

We are looking forward to welcoming her to the Primary teaching staff in 2024 as she begins her Class Teacher journey with her own class next year. 

Welcome Nia! 

Erin Edwards, Lisa Archer and Yvonne Suares

On behalf of the College of Teachers. 

C6 Graduation 'The Conference of the Birds' 

The play is a modern adaptation based on the epic 4,500-line ancient Persian poem by Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar, written in 1177 CE. The story narrates the journey of a group of birds toward the abode of the legendary Simorgh, the king of all birds, symbolising the human quest for self-discovery.

Farewell Wishes to the Graduating Class 6 students.

Farewell wishes to the graduating class 6 students, a trip down memory lane:

We wish you the sound judgement of the Romans, to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom and sound judgement. May you carry with you the grace and beauty of the Ancient Greeks and the ingenuity of the Persians. And from India, may you inherit the depth of wisdom, understanding the unity of all things.


We wish that you listen and stay connected to Country and look up and find answers in the stars. We wish you the harmony and balance of plants, minerals, and the living world – human and animal alike. May you learn from their silent wisdom, resilience, and interconnectedness.


We wish you the courage of the Norse, to face life’s trials with bravery and a steadfast heart. May their tales of adventure and perseverance remind you that every challenge is an opportunity for growth.


We wish that you always have a home and food, and may you inspire others as Moses did, leading with compassion and vision.


We wish you the humility and devotion of the saints, embodying selflessness and a deep sense of purpose in your journey through life.


And may there always be a fairy tale to tell, a reminder of the magic and wonder that life holds. We hope for warm bread in the oven, and may there always be a song in your heart, a melody of hope, love, and the celebration of life’s journey.


As you step forward from here, carry these wishes with you, not just as memories but as guiding lights on your path.


A brief window into our Eurythmy classes.

The Singing Forest

This term, Class Five have used our growing music reading skills to explore a set of musical pieces by Australian composer Wendy Morrisey that tell the story of the Australian soundscape using a range of instruments. Each child learned multiple parts on multiple instruments and worked incredibly hard to play together and create beautiful harmonies. The hours of morning practice came together on Friday, when the class performed The Singing Forest for their families. 

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

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