In the sense world’s outwardness The power of thought is undermined; The spirit worlds discover now again Their human offspring, Who has to find its seed in them, Yet in itself The soul’s own fruit

Upcoming Events Term 4

Monday 16th October


Tuesday 17th October


Wednesday 18th October

  • Ice Cream Roster: Alicia E and Tiffany B

Thursday 19th October


Friday 20th October


Monday 23rd October

  • C6 Travel to Camp at  Rottnest

Tuesday 24th October

  • C6 Camp at  Rottnest

Wednesday 25th October

  • Ice Cream Roster: Mandy P & Emily D 
  • C6 Camp at  Rottnest

Thursday 26th October

  • C6 Camp at  Rottnest

Friday 27th October

  • K6 Crown Making Workshop 2:15pm Rainbow Room
  • C6 return from Camp

Monday 30th October


Tuesday 31st October


Wednesday 1st November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Caitlyn A & Kerstin W

Thursday 2nd November 


Friday 3rd November

  • K6 Crown Making 2:15pm Rainbow Room

Monday 6th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 7th November


Wednesday 8th  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Kaisa O-M & Gaia B

Thursday 9th November 


Friday 10th November

  • K6 Crown Making 2:15pm Rainbow Room

Monday 13th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 14th November


Wednesday 15th  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Skye T & Rikki W

Thursday 16th November 


Friday 17th November

  • K6 Crown Making 2:15pm Rainbow Room

Monday 20th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 
  • C4 head to Camp

Tuesday 21st November

  • C4 Camp

Wednesday 22nd  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Olivia L & Brooke B
  • Class 4 return from Camp

Thursday 23rd November 


Friday 24th November


Monday 27th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 28th November


Wednesday 29th  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Candy D & Susy O’H

Thursday 30th November 


Friday 1st Dec


Monday 4th December

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 5th December


Wednesday 6th December

  • Ice Cream Roster: Elise H & Rebecca B 

Thursday 7th December


Friday 8th December


Monday 11th December


Tuesday 12th December

  • K6 Graduation 

Wednesday 13th December

  • End of Term 4 Full Day

Welcome back to Term 4

Dear families,

                        Welcome to Term 4 and thank you for supporting your children at the weekend’s Open Day. The care in the children’s work was evident and there were many proud and smiling faces.

It was also lovely to have the time to chat informally with each other and enjoy some delicious P & F baking and a cup of tea. I always enjoy the insight of extended family members on these days and the opportunity to gain a little more of a picture of the children’s backgrounds.

The heat of summer is on its way and yesterday’s fire evacuation was a timely reminder. We had already been planning our fire readiness and were able to respond in a calm and timely way to the situation that arose. Thankfully the timing of the buses was aligned with the call from the Shire to depart.

Further to our preparedness, we will be partaking in a couple of fire drills this term. The children will be well informed and prepared for the practice of drills to reduce the risk of any possible stress.

Those people who have outstanding PPS hours are also welcome to contribute to reducing the fuel load around the school, by signing up for some raking and associated tasks. 

There is much to look forward to this term with camps and extracurricular activities scheduled for many students as well as plays and Christmas Festival plans.

We all look forward to sharing this beautiful time of the year with our treasured students and hope to see you all soon.

Warm Regards,


Trading on the Bus

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Ekhart Tolle


It has come to College that some of our children are requiring support while travelling by bus to limit and reduce the need to bring ‘treasures’ from home.

While we encourage the children to find tasks to occupy themselves on these somewhat long journeys, we are hoping to bridge the gap between us all by providing the children with some other ideas other than ‘trading’. With reference to trading we refer to the use particularly of ‘Pokemon’ cards, which at times present images and drawings not in line with our pedagogy, but also entirely unsuitable for our youngest and most impressionable 3 and 4 year olds who use the bus.

For our younger children it is difficult for them to developmentally understand the concept of a ‘trade’. They may not quite be ready to ‘let something go’ and hardly able to comprehend that if they give something away, it may never come back! It is important that we allow space for our older children on the bus to support our younger ones, they are good at, and together I am sure we can find alternative ways to create a positive and healthy bus culture.

As a parent myself, with a child who regularly uses the bus (and also loves trading and ‘pokemon’ cards!) I understand the challenges that we face each morning, when at times we are just in a whirlwind of getting the children out the door and to the bus in time, having been fed and watered!

I hope that the following ideas can support us all in strengthening the bridge between home an school, allowing us to continue to work together as a school community.

What else can our children do on the bus?

  • Read and buddy read (reading to a non-reader or a younger child)
  • Finger knit or craft. Hand knitting is a suitable task for an older child.
  • Make a ‘bus buddy’ for a younger child to play with on the bus. This can be a simple as a little doll made out of a peg, who can watch out of the window.
  • A small notebook and pencil
  • A ‘can you spot?’ challenge. Bird counts, tree counts, car spot.
  • Hangman, word scramble, word search. I have made these for my own son for his bus travels and they still continue today.
  • Rubix cubes
  • Journal time. (For older children, travelling by bus is a great time to reflect and write)
  • Mindful colouring

If you feel you need any help with supporting your child in reducing the need to ‘trade’ or bring trading cards on the bus, please do not hesitate to approach myself or your class teacher for further support.

With love and light

Sally Upchurch

On behalf of the College of Teachers and the Communications working group

Sun Safety - No Hat No Play

Please ensure your children wear clothing that covers their shoulders and ensure that the spare clothes in their bags are appropriate to the season, hats are to be worn during all outdoor play.  Please apply sunscreen before your children come to school if you wish and send labelled sunscreen to school if you wish them to reapply in the afternoon.

Footwear; All children are to wear covered shoes when travelling on busses without exception.

In the kindergartens children wear shoes all year round when playing outside due to the high number of bees that love to visit our gardens.

In Terms 1 & 4, when the weather is warm, primary children may play outside barefooted. 

A pair of covered sturdy shoes must be in students’ bag if they are wearing sandals in hot weather. This is in case of a fire evacuation. 

Spring Festival

See where the bee with busy wings

Home to the hive with sweets does bring

She gathers from the flowers of Spring

YSS Spring Fair


Sunday 26th November 2023

Let’s all get together and help out

 It’s a requirement that every YSS family is expected to help in some way, (either on the day or before) for this fabulous, community, whole hearted event..



Ok, Let’s all start collecting second hand books for the Book stall plus nice potted plants to sell at the Plant stall !! (Please bring in to school only from, the week of the Fair, so from 22nd November


If you are interested in being in charge of any of the following please let me know

Food – Burgers and Salads.  Needs 1 more coordinator please! Lots of info from previous years to help you out, everything is all written up to follow instructions for the organizing

Children’s Craft – Box of most items required at school already, some small craft items will need to be supplied as sets.

Crystal Fossicking– Box is at school with most things you need.

Live Music – If you or anyone you know are interested in playing short sets of live music !

Reflexologist/ Massage – A Beautiful quiet stall for 5/10/15min relaxation..


Second hand Books / Plants Stall


Coconut Drinks Stall

Fishing Game

Any other ideas / stalls you have are more than welcome, 

If you have any initial questions about any of the above stalls please contact Alice.

(Spring Fair Coordinator)


If your class intends to run a fundraising stall separate to and in addition to the P&F stalls, please let me know so that I can allocate space.

ROVING ENTERTAINMENT (walking around the fair crowd)

Do we have any performers in our community who would like to donate some of their time? 

      Roving entertainment – Drumming, circus people, stilt walkers, fairies, puppeteers… throwing some ideas out there to see what we get.


There is one attached to the newsletter – please get it back asap if you want to have a stall at the Spring Fair.  It needs to be appropriate for a Steiner school.  Preferences given to natural, hand-made, unique or local products.  

If you know somebody who might be interested please send them the form.

Thank you enormously, ALICE LEAVY 0419 956 576

Class 4 Cape to Cape Camp- Sugarloaf to Smiths Beach

Resilience, Independence, Achievement and Teamwork

These four lifetime skills were the key focus of our two-day walk. My goal was to provide the children a chance to shine in all these areas.


Teamwork is something that the children are well versed in. They are used to working with different class members and working together, listening to instructions, staying on task and achieving the set requirements. As a whole team we needed to stay together while on the track and keep an eye out for each other.  They all worked in groups to set up/pack up camp together, feed each other and clean up after each other.

Achievement – We did it!!!! Look at those smiles 😊

Achievement is the word to describe how all the children felt when completing the 10km from Sugarloaf to Yallingup. The have been building endurance in their weekly walks over the last two terms and this really helped them to keep a good, measured pace, staying together as a group and allowing them time to play along the way.


Independence doesn’t come easily to all the children and they had voiced a few fears about being so exposed sleeping out in tents, being away from family and fears of the dark. I lit the fire, tents were placed in a circle and I slept in the middle, still within earshot to allay any of these fears. Armed with soft toys for security they all succeeded in having a good sleep. Asleep by 9:00pm and awake by 6:00am, a great result.

Their independence also shone in making their own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Packing there day pack and packing away our camp area.


Resilience is the strength and hardiness that all the children showed. When I said goodbye to them on Tuesday afternoon, I am sure that they all just stood a little bit taller. They did it and I am incredibly proud of every one of them, as they should be in themselves. As always it really was my pleasure

Thank you!

I would like to say a special thanks to James our guide from Cape to Cape Explorer tours. James has built up a lovely rapport with all the children over our two terms of walking. The stops along the way were filled with age appropriate geological and biological knowledge allowing the children to deepen their experiences. Adding to this knowledge we also had Rae Lee join us, giving up her own time willingly to assist. Thank you, Rae.

Our brilliant, delicious burgers were supplied by Chantelle and Roddy. Perfectly prepared, just ready to heat and serve.  Thank you, Chantelle and Roddy. Lastly the transport team, Veronica, Kyle, Mark and Chris who delivered all our gear and returned it to school. This was really appreciated and I couldn’t have done it without you.

 C5 Main Lesson: Ancient Greece

It was lovely to finish our Main Lesson on Ancient Greece last term with our Greek Olympics at Perth Waldorf School. We had travelled with the great heroes of The Iliad and The Odyssey in our class stories and the children prepared to strive to find a great hero, embodying physical beauty and inner grace, within themselves. They practiced the javelin, discuss, wrestling, long jump, marathon and sprints with myself and Lisa throughout this term.

I was so proud of all our Olympians as they embodied the virtues of grace, beauty, courage, humility, honour and resilience. Each child’s special contribution was valued as they experienced working together with diverse individuals for the good of their city state.

Thank you to all the parents who came and watched our spectacle and huge thanks to Mason and Catherine Reid who transported the Olympians and stayed overnight at PWS with us.

Fruit Ice Cream Roster

 Term4 2023

The ice cream roster commences on Wednesday 11th Oct and goes for 9 weeks.

Please arrive at school by 12.15pm to allow time to set-up the table, ice-cream machine, cones & fruit, before eager children arrive at 12:45 pm

As well as giving our children a healthy treat made with 100% fruit, this is a fantastic fundraiser for our school, so I thank you all in advance for your time & effort in making this successful. 

P&F request all families to fill out the form and return it to the office by the start of term.

The cost of an Ice-cream is $2.50 for primary school students & $2 for Kindy 5/6 students. (K4 students are not charged.)

The ice cream/soup payment form is available on SchoolStream.

Please contact Alice Leavy 0419 956 576 should you not be able to make your commitment to this roster.

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

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