My self from its narrow bonds Has risen up to find itself As revelation of the worlds Evolving in time and space; Everywhere this world reveals to me As godly archetype The truth of my own image.

Upcoming Events Term 4

Monday 13th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 14th November

  • P&F Parent Busy Bee 1-3pm

Wednesday 15th  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Skye T & Rikki W
  • P&F Parent Busy Bee 9-11am

Thursday 16th November 


Friday 17th November

  • Incursion: Sacred World Music Choir from Margaret River:  All primary  2:15pm

Monday 20th November

  • C5 & 6 Surfing 
  • C4 leave to Camp

Tuesday 21st November

  • C4 Camp

Wednesday 22nd  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Olivia L & Brooke B
  • Class 4 return from Camp

Thursday 23rd November 


Friday 24th November


Sunday 26th November

  • Spring Fair 10am-2pm

Monday 27th November

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 28th November


Wednesday 29th  November 

  • Ice Cream Roster:  Candy D & Susy O’H

Thursday 30th November 


Friday 1st Dec


Monday 4th December

  • C4,5 & 6 Surfing 

Tuesday 5th December

  • Class One Play 2pm

Wednesday 6th December

  • Ice Cream Roster: Elise H & Rebecca B 
  • Class One Play 10am

Thursday 7th December

  • Class 6 Graduation 6:30-8pm (more details to follow)

Friday 8th December


Monday 11th December

  • C6 Family lunch Gracetown 10am-2:30pm

Tuesday 12th December

  • K6 Graduation 

Wednesday 13th December

  • End of Term 4 full day attendance.

Week 6

Dear YSS Community

Jacqui Morris has been called away for the remainder of this term on Bereavement Leave.

In the interim, the College of Teachers have asked Rae-Lee Searle to stand in for Jacqui as the Education Facilitator.

Currently serving as the school’s Music Teacher and a YSS School Board Member, Rae-Lee brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the school and Steiner Education to this role.  She has also completed two rounds as Class Teacher at YSS. 

If you have any questions or queries about the above arrangements please do not hesitate to email the Executive Committee at or call the office on 9755 2230.

Please, let’s all keep Jacqui in our hearts at this time.

Thank you

Executive Committee

Attendance and Absenteeism

Regular, punctual attendance gives the children security and rhythm. Please think carefully when arranging holidays or absences from school to minimize disruption to your child’s education.

  • Please provide the teacher and the office advance notice of any planned absences in writing.
  • As all student absences must be recorded, we ask parents and carers to School Stream or email the office by 9:30 am with a brief reason for your child’s absence.
  • Any student movement throughout the school day must be recorded at the front office before a student leaves the premises or upon late arrival. This ensures safety of students and others should there be an emergency.

YSS Spring Fair


Sunday 26th November 2023

Let’s all get together and help out.

It’s a requirement that every YSS family is expected to help in some way, (either on the day or before) for this fabulous, community, whole hearted event.



Let’s all start collecting second hand books for the Book stall plus nice potted plants to sell at the Plant stall !!

(Please bring in to school only from, the week of the Fair, so from 22nd November


Please as many as you can put up Spring Fair Posters !

Available at front office, or let me know and I can put into your child’s bag.


All parents to please provide baked goods to sell at cake stall.. cakes/ slices/ quiches/ biscuits etc etc..


Thank you so much to those that have put their name down already!

We still have only 25 spots filled out of 90 !



If you are interested in being in charge of any of the following please let me know         

Children’s Craft – Box of most items required at school already, some small craft items will need to be supplied as sets.

Crystal Fossicking– Box is at school with most things you need.

Reflexologist/ Massage – A Beautiful quiet stall for 5/10/15min relaxation..

Any other ideas / stalls you have are more than welcome, 

If you have any initial questions about any of the above stalls please contact Alice.

(Spring Fair Coordinator)


If your class intends to run a fundraising stall separate to and in addition to the P&F stalls, please let me know so that I can allocate space.


There is one attached to the newsletter – please get it back asap if you want to have a stall at the Spring Fair.  It needs to be appropriate for a Steiner school.  Preferences given to natural, hand-made, unique or local products.  

If you know somebody who might be interested please send them the form.

Thank you enormously, ALICE LEAVY 0419 956 576


Dear Families,

This weekend our South West region was alive with music. Between Song Fest, Jazz Fest and Blues and Roots Fest, music was celebrated.

I participated in a group singing workshop focused on a specific type of musical composition known as a round. Singing rounds is like singing in circles: voices all sing the same simple melody but begin at different times, thus creating seamless harmony that is itself, cyclical in nature.

Here at YSS, I listen and I hear songs of the same nature.

From our Early Childhood classes through to our Primary classes, we are all singing.

Our melody is composed of Steiner’s pedagogical values.

Guided by these ideals, we work together to create a unified sound.

Our autonomy as teachers allows a rich and varied range of voices.

Staggered in time as we sing, we move from the whole to our individual parts.

Harmony resounds.

Sitting in appreciation, I hear the magic of the round we are all singing together and it is a beautiful sound to behold.



Round and round the earth is turning

Turning always round to morning

And from morning round to night

                                                                                                                                                                             Source Unknown

Carbunup Playgroup

This year has flown by… We are saying goodbye to some playgroup children soon, who are moving on into Kindergarten next year. An exciting new step in their journey.

At the moment we have a lot of younger children in our groups, so the make up of the various playgroup days will stay more or less the same in 2024. Mindy and I have had such a wonderful year with all the beautiful families, both retuning and new ones, and are looking forward to holding you all in our hearts next year. 

We have had quite a few Springtime births last term, with a number of little souls joining our groups. Parents with slightly older children are always happy to lend a hand….and are reluctant to hand Baby back to Mum! Cluckiness all round.

One parent in our groups is currently gathering playgroup recipes for another wonderful recipe book. We put one together about about 15 years ago, and it’s a great initiative to have another one in the making, very exciting.

We have a few jobs that need doing at Carbunup playgroup, such as repairs, general maintenance, gardening and painting. We would be so grateful to have some willing hands to fill PPS hours.

Please contact me directly on 0466 068 489 if you can help.  Many thanks! 

Love, Victoria and Mindy xxx

Handwork C 1,2,5 & 6

Class 1 is on the middle of sewing some Christmas decorations with wool felt, beads and such, and are continuing their knitting with Yvonne. The lead up to the festive season is always exciting, and it’s lovely to create some special handmade gifts. 

The children’s fine motor skills and sewing confidence has grown steadily throughout the year, and it is wonderful to see their enthusiasm for the various projects. 

Class 2 is coming to the end of putting their knitted chicks together, and have started to wet-felt a flat colourful wool piece to sew onto their new pencil cases. This is a project to prepare for  the next year, with plaiting wool ties to attach to the sewn-up cases. Moving into wet felting is a timely activity with the warning up of the weather, and exercises the children’s sense of colour when they choose the various hues for their pieces.

They have also been decorating candles with thin wax, in preparation for Christmas; this has been a challenging activity for some and a relaxing project for others! We will be making some spiced Dutch Speculaas biscuits closer to the start of December, to really get into the Christmas mood.

Class 5 Handwork

We have recently started an exciting new project, which I learnt at our recent All WA Steiner Schools Day at the end of term 3. Foliage and flowers are arranged on a piece of embroidery fabric, and pounded with a hammer to create a print. This is then enhanced with colour pencils in preparation for the embroidery on top. The Class 5 children embraced this new technique with gusto and enthusiasm, and the results speak for themselves…. Now the embroidery stage awaits, a very satisfying and relatively simple procedure. 

They have also been working on decorating large candles with thin wax, an activity which they enjoyed thoroughly.

The return of Mahli from his family holiday in Germany saw the sharing of a special treat, which he prepared for the whole class; ‘Spaghetti Eis’, with ice cream pressed through a sort of giant garlic press, and decorated with raspberry sauce and wafers. The treat was well received!


Last term class 6 got a little ‘taster’ of things to come in term 4, with a session of creative pursuits such as painting, clay modelling and bread baking. This term we have started with some candle decorating for the festive season, as well as an embroidery project.

Curious Kindy children had a peep through the window of the Heritage Room, to discover what awaits them further down the track! 

Class 4

Clearly the will of the Class Four children come from their parents. When I suggested creating a new outdoor space our wonderful parents set to work. Our aim was to consult the playground working group and provide something for all the children of YSS to enjoy that was recycled and cost free. This project has been approached in stages with a bigger picture in mind. First was to widen the space out from the deck which we started at the end of last term. With the dingo hired Mark, Kyle, Veronica and I set to clearing the sand and creating the new space. I’ve have gained a new skill to use in the future!!!


Dan Momsen of Southwest Building was completing a renovation and had to remove a jarrah balcony, we now had a starting point. With his accurate design in mind, he set to work with his able assistants, an anaesthetist, a plumber and a heavy diesel mechanic. What a result. Thank you for giving up your Sunday Dan, Steve, Matt and Mark and I look forward to working together on the next stage.


Fruit Ice Cream Roster

 Term4 2023

The ice cream roster commences on Wednesday 11th Oct and goes for 9 weeks.

Please arrive at school by 12.15pm to allow time to set-up the table, ice-cream machine, cones & fruit, before eager children arrive at 12:45 pm

As well as giving our children a healthy treat made with 100% fruit, this is a fantastic fundraiser for our school, so I thank you all in advance for your time & effort in making this successful. 

P&F request all families to fill out the form and return it to the office by the start of term.

The cost of an Ice-cream is $2.50 for primary school students & $2 for Kindy 5/6 students. (K4 students are not charged.)

The ice cream/soup payment form is available on SchoolStream.

Please contact Alice Leavy 0419 956 576 should you not be able to make your commitment to this roster.

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

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