My will is filled with fire and might; As days grow shorter, it burns bright! I face the world; I have no fear. And many things become more clear. For though there's much that I don't understand yet, I seek for light.

Upcoming Events Term 2

Monday 6th May

  • C3 Bushwalking
  • Class 4,5&6 on Camp

Tuesday 7th May

  • Class 4 returns from Camp
  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 8th May

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Return from Camp

Thursday 9th May


Friday 10th May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 13th May

  • C3&4 Bushwalking
  • C5/6 Author visit

Tuesday 14th May

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 15th May

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 16th May

  • Primary Incursion: Musica Vivia 

Friday 17th May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 20th May

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 21st May

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 22nd May

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 23rd May

  •  Class 2 Parent Meeting 5:30pm

Friday 24th May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 27th May

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 28th May

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 29th May

  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 30th May


Friday 31st May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 3rd June


Tuesday 4th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 5th June

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 6th June


Friday 7th June

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 10th June

  • C3 Bushwalking
  • C4,5&6 Adopt-a-Spot
  • Primary incursion: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre pm

Tuesday 11th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 12th June

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 13th June


Friday 14th June

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 17th June

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 18th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 19th June

  • Soup Day 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 20th June


Friday 21th June

  • PUPIL FREE DAY for Winter Festival evening attendance. 
  • Last Day of term 2.  

Term 2 Week 4

Dear Families,

                        The season has finally broken and the rain has brought welcome reprieve from the dust along with a celebratory mood. Perhaps it is just the pervading excitement brought by the children attending camps this week but there is a buzz in the air here at school!

It was my joy to support the Class 4/5/6 combined sleep out at historic and culturally significant Meekadarabee/Yebble/Ellensbrook last night.

With the luxury of slipping in with a night story to share around the campfire, drinking tea and returning home, I was able to reflect on the wonderful opportunities we continue to afford our students. The class teachers, meanwhile, continue with their duty of care and work tirelessly to deliver the benefits of expanded curriculum on the land. The stargazers won’t sleep quite as deeply for another day or so! I look forward to delivering tonight’s dinner, prepared by parents, on my way home and touching base again.

Thank you again to all who attended last week’s AGM. We easily reached quorum and welcomed another year of service and dedication to the art and therapeutic benefit of Steiner Education in this little part of the world. Board members offering freely of their time and expertise to support the work of the school staff are acknowledged and gratefully recognised.

Working with the spirit of combined effort and united vision brings satisfaction that supersedes most individual attainments. This is a strong underpinning of our curriculum’s foundation and it is wonderful to experience this understanding operating at Board level.

Make it a great day,

Kind Regards,


Nut Awareness

Please be reminded that we require nut awareness at our school and that we do have some students with allergies amongst us. If you are packing nuts for your children, please ensure that they are also aware that not all children can be exposed to nuts. Children should be discouraged from sharing their packed lunches and only eat foods prepared for them.

Specifically, please steer away from Brazil nuts & peanuts which are a risk in particular.

Thankyou for your co-operation

YSS inc. AGM: Thank You Association Members. 

Thank you parents, carers, and members of the association, for your support and engagement at the 2024 AGM.


With over 25% member attendance (quorum), the association reviewed and endorsed the tabled annual reports for the school’s 2023 financial year. 


Giving thanks to outgoing Board members, the association welcome the incoming and continuing Board members for the 2024/25 term:


Graeme Davies – Treasurer & School Signatory

Jennie Olszewski – Secretary 

Brooke Thomas

Brendan LaMar

Rae-Lee Searle

Ruth Bolton

Jane Huxely – Ex-officio

Jacqui Morris – Ex-officio


Minutes and documents from the AGM will follow and be made available on the school website.  


Thanks once again to all those who attended in person, online, and via proxy, for making the 2024 AGM possible.  


Michael Smart.

School Fees

As a friendly reminder, we would like to inform you that the school fees for the upcoming term are due. If you have already completed this payment, please disregard this notice.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, do not hesitate to contact Jane Huxley our Business Manager. Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of our school community.

P&F Complimentary Yoga and Sound Healing

Yoga and sound healing will be taking place again this evening Tuesday 7th May. Please contact the office should you like to put your name down.  

Class 1


“Number rules the universe”

 – Pythagoras

It has been a busy start to Term 2 for Class 1. Our main lesson block has been Quality of Numbers. During this block, children experience how the world is formed out of number principles and patterns, and a sense of the mysteries to be uncovered in the world is fostered.

We have been experiencing the quality of numbers through story, rhyme, rhythm, play and song. The children have been demonstrating their developing understandings through their participation in Circle, where we have been practising counting and exploring informal groupings, through their beautiful bookwork in Main Lesson and their thoughtful contributions to our class discussions.

Some memorable contributions by children to the discussion about the qualities of different numbers include:

“There is only one Venus”

“There are five-pointed stars and six-pointed stars”

“Seven letters in the word ‘colours’”

“The seven sisters in the sky at night”

“Nine is three and three and three more”

 At play, they have been experimenting with numbers by making signs for prices and times in libraries and shops, playing games with dice, and creating architectural wonders with blocks.

Perhaps more importantly, they are also developing vital social skills. They are coming together as a group, learning to take turns, compromise, share, be generous, support each other and look after themselves. These skills require a long journey to develop fully and Class One are very much on their way.

The walking program has been a welcome addition to our weekly schedule. It is such a privilege to walk with the children, listening to their stories and their speculations about the world around them as we experience the natural beauty of Wadandi Country. Many thanks to the family members who have been able to join us so far, our lovely guide Sophie and driver Andrew from Cape to Cape Explorers.

Class 2 News

Last term we explored times tables and number patterns. 

Patterns were formed when counting by 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc. These were represented on a circle with 10 divisions.  They were then drawn into the main lesson book.  Times tables were also discovered, practiced and written down.  Using coloured wool, it was also possible to discover the relationship between different patterns.  These activities allowed the children to make pattern discoveries before understanding them intellectually.


Class 3 Honey Fundraiser

Want to get your hands on Class 3’s honey its unbeelievably good.
Honey will be available to purchase via eftpos at the school office in the coming weeks. 


Honey will be available to purchase via Eftpos at the school office in the coming weeks. 

Soup Day Roster

Community Notices

(Please note – the events and views in these Community Notices are not sponsored by YSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the School.)

Government Funded Program: Saver Plus – Assisting Families with Education Costs.

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