Rich treasures planted long ago Within my soul, so dark and deep, Are wakened by my will from sleep. They stream into the world; they grow. They bear star-substances of great worth, Through loving deeds of mine, uniting heaven and earth.

Upcoming Events Term 2

Monday 20th May

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 21st May

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 22nd May

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day: Kerstin & Susy
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 23rd May

  •  Class 2 Parent Meeting 5:30pm

Friday 24th May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 27th May

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 28th May

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 29th May

  • Soup Day: Bec & Gaia
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 30th May


Friday 31st May

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 3rd June


Tuesday 4th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 5th June

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day: Danae & Pepper
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 6th June


Friday 7th June

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 10th June

  • C3 Bushwalking
  • C4,5&6 Adopt-a-Spot
  • Primary incursion: Spare Parts Puppet Theatre pm

Tuesday 11th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 12th June

  • C3 Gardening Excursion
  • Soup Day: Juliette & Olivia 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 13th June


Friday 14th June

  • C1,2 and K6  Bushwalking

Monday 17th June

  • C3&4 Bushwalking

Tuesday 18th June

  • Complimentary Yoga  5:30pm-6:30pm in Hall

Wednesday 19th June

  • Soup Day: Skye & Lauren 
  • C5&6 Bushwalking

Thursday 20th June


Friday 21th June

  • PUPIL FREE DAY for Winter Festival evening attendance. 
  • Last Day of term 2.  

Term 2 Week 6

Dear Families,

                                What a show of natural beauty we have had in the past couple of weeks with the Aurora Australis in our skies over a beautiful crescent moon.

Classes 4/5 & 6 were very fortunate to be engaged in an outdoor education and camping programme with nights spent at Ellensbrook. Perfect conditions and collaboration between multiple staff ensured a rich and valuable experience for students.

We were fortunate to have a visit from indigenous author Isobel Bevis last week, as part of the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival. Isobel shared her delightful publication Nedingar (Ancestors) and engaged students in language learning through some fun outdoor games.

As the days seem to become rapidly shorter our winter festival preparations begin. A story is brewing inside of me and teachers are beginning to construct lanterns and share new songs and themes with their students.

We focus on guiding the childrens’ attention within, contemplating feelings and fostering positivity and goodwill towards ourselves and others.

The hatching of new ideas and inspirations in the mood of an approaching festival celebration brings a sense of belonging, connection and celebration.

We encourage you to enjoy the seasonal activities at home with your children, such as, collecting firewood, making candles, baking and of course walking! Let your children take you on some of the walks that they are enjoying as part of their curriculum and share with you the wonders contained therein.


Warm Wishes,


P&F Complimentary Yoga and Sound Healing

Yoga and sound healing will be taking place again this evening Tuesday 21st May. Please contact the office should you like to put your name down.  

Class 4 Djeran Camp Reflection: Ellensbrook and Surrounds

 Drawing on the physical strength that typically emerges in the Class 4 child, the stage was set for students to bring forth their courage and meet the challenges of their first off-site overnight camp in less familiar surroundings. Combining Main Lessons: Local History and Geography and Human and Animal, this was a special chance to hike into the history-rich Mokidup (Ellensbrook) and observe local wildlife in a unique environment. I am very proud of Class 4, who together overcame fears and placed their trust in boodja, in the adults and in each other. They worked both independently to manage their belongings, and cooperatively in groups to prepare, pack away, support and uplift each other. 


Day One began by walking off the excitement and nerves from Gracetown to Ellensbrook along the Cape to Cape Track. We spotted graceful dolphins, a lone bird of prey, a few swift running hooded plovers, then settled into play on the beach. In the afternoon, we visited Eagles Heritage which is an inspirational Bird Park. With quiet curiosity we were treated to a bird show put on by the passionate caretakers. Owls and kites, among other birds at the centre are all undergoing rehabilitation for eventual release back into the wild. A walk around the bird enclosures gave us plenty of opportunity for up-close observations. I thoroughly recommend all to take a visit.


Meanwhile, Classes Five and Six walked from Veryiuca Brook to join us back at Ellensbrook. A clear, dark sky welcomed us into the night with singing, a story and stargazing by the fire. Jacqui and Rae-Lee led us through this special evening, and the children’s quiet reverence for the worlds beyond was a perfect segue into our tents for a restful night. 


On Day 2, we were eager to explore the Ellensbrook Homestead and surrounds in a tour guided by Mokidup’s caretaker and YSS teacher, Paul Lange. Sharing ideas and information, we discussed the Indigenous ways of life and their interactions with colonial settlers in this sacred space. Through examples of custodial responsibility children began to reflect upon sustainable approaches to the environment and its natural resources. 


Bringing the camp experience back into the classroom, we have embarked upon journal work, artistic expressions and further exploration of the relationship of humans to animals. 


The Class 4 camp was an experience that brought the class community together in a new way. A very special thank you to caretakers, Paul and Skye Lange for hosting three classes at Ellensbrook. I am grateful for the support of Erin and Ruth and the Class 5’s and 6’s, to Andrew and Donna and the Cape to Cape Explorus team who also provided support on the camp. Most of all, well done Class 4 students and thankyou to all the families for your support, skills and supplies!

Fulfilled and weary,

Lisa Archer.

Class 4 Teacher

Class 5 & 6 Djeran Camp

After farewelling the Class Four’s on Tuesday morning, Class Five and Six were lead on a loop walk that included the telling of the Meekadarrabee story, a gumnut detective hunt to identify local bird species based on their bite marks and a long swim. The afternoon gave the children the freedom to explore the creek, beach and bushland around Ellensbrook before a tour of the Homestead. Each time we visit Ellensbrook at Mokidup, a new part of the story of this sacred place is revealed to the students as they view it from a new perspective. After another wonderful dinner provided by the families of C5 and C6, the students were privileged to work with Andrew to start our fire by hand and then share our camp stories together around the fire as people have done for thousands of years in this space.

The clear dark skies at Ellensbrook also provided an excellent stargazing experience to complement the Class Six study of Astronomy.

The children finished their camp working together to pack up their camp and take on the almost 12 km trek to the Margaret River Mouth. They showed tremendous grit and will to complete such a walk, partly in respectful silence, with time left at the end to play and enjoy the end of a wonderful camp together.

 Paul, Ruth, Lisa and Erin would like to thank all the families who helped with food, transportation and camping supplies to make this a great shared camp for the three classes!


Class 3 Honey Fundraiser

Honey is now jarred and available for Class 3’s Fundraising – only 50 jars remaining so first in best dressed!  Please email Jennie on for orders and details.

Soup Day Roster

Community Notices

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